About Me

Hello, I’m Mary Ann

I’m a seasoned, certified staging professional and licensed real estate agent in New Jersey. So I fully understand the entire home buying and selling cycle and its idiosyncrasies. Understanding the business side of selling a home gives me an advantage and a uniquely deep perspective in my work as a designer and a realtor. My mission is not just to make things look pretty, but to partner with my clients during an exciting (and sometimes confusing) time. I’m affordable, easy to work with, and best of all, I let you get back to running your life, your business, or whatever matters most to you in each day.

About My Accreditation

I earned my official staging accreditation by completing the International Association of Staging Professionals (ASP) course. Since then, I’m proud and humbled to have become one of the most successful designers in Southern New Jersey.

My Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is simple. I feel strongly that staging isn’t really decorating. I truly relish the chance to review and audit my clients’ “treasures,” or conversely “cast-a-ways,” to find newly imagined aesthetic uses for them. To me, repurposing beloved items or simply juxtaposing them in unusual pairings can introduce a whole new way to look at things. This applies not only to interior solutions but exterior ones, too. Curb appeal is a big deal! Conclusions and impressions are made instantaneously when potential buyers merely pull up to a property.

My Background

My career started in Los Angeles where I was known for my ability to quickly rethink how a room should be designed, efficiently help the homeowner remove clutter, and get the home on the market. I did all this for hundreds of dollars less than most staging companies. Today I’m proud to be a bi-coastal business, as I’ll gladly go where my services are needed.

I now service New Jersey (with strong ties on the Jersey Shore), Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, and beyond.

I truly believe that my background in real estate adds to my holistic understanding of what buyers want when searching for a new home. You can trust that I know how to impress even the most discriminating buyer. Whether it’s making subtle, yet deliberate changes in landscaping or merely rearranging closets, I can make something tired look new again. I’m also proud to be named as VP of Events for the Woman’s Council of Realtors – Southern NJ Regional Chapter.

My Goal

Clients say they really like my flexibility, as my services are easily scalable. I can perform as little or as much as you need to showcase your home optimally. I like to get folks saying “wow.” When it comes to a possible investment in small remodeling projects (such as changing paint colors and updating key rooms), I can justify the return because of my deep knowledge of real estate transactions and market value.

Mary Ann Fox
Certified Staging Professional
Licensed Real Estate Agent