Strictly Design

Need some advice, guidance or just need extra design support to get things done in your newly purchased home? Many clients choose to engage me for continuing design support. After a successful closing, the work of designing a beautiful new home is inevitable. To some, this is an enjoyable task. To others, there’s just not enough time in the day. This is where my real estate skills, staging skills, and retail eye really come together. Working with a clean slate is a huge challenge, but having the knowledge of what you own (your stuff) is helpful in that I can help you decide what stays, what goes, what gets donated, or what gets reupholstered.

What about all those things we purchased for staging purposes for your old home? Well, together, we can decide what gets returned and what moves on to your new home.

$75/hr for design services
(This is also my rate to shop for everything from tile to flooring, furniture, home accessories, and more)

Why clients like it:
The staging process allows for a deep trust to blossom. It’s a wonderful compliment to be asked to take my design skills to the next level by helping to create an amazing new space on a ‘blank slate.’ See @FoxFaves on Instagram to see more of my work.