Services & Pricing

Step 1: Don’t worry!

Statistically speaking, a little up-front investment in staging services is well worth it. In fact, indicates that most homes that are professionally staged will end up bringing in roughly 3% more than the anticipated price. This means that a homeowner who dedicates $3,000 to a home staging project, and who sells their home for $500k, will have earned $15,000 for their effort. Clearly, this indicates that such a project is well worth the expense.

Step 2: Sell faster!

Houses that are professionally staged sell in an average of 35 days (compared to 175 for non-staged homes)! According to the National Association of Realtors (2015 Home Staging Report), over 95% of “Buyer’s Agents” say that home staging has at least some effect on the buyer’s view of the home and over 91% of buyers find it easier to visuals the property as their future home when it’s staged.

Step 3: See what package fits your needs…

Still not sure after reviewing the options below? Contact Mary Ann to get answers to your Staging & Design questions.


Package A: “Just a Little Bit”

Let’s Get Started!
2-hour Professional Consultation

$150 (one-time fee)

Believe me, I understand the value of getting engaged prior to getting married. That’s why I scaled my services according to the wants and needs of different client types. Need a trained critical eye? Looking for some advice on color? Not sure if your closets are de-cluttered enough? I will come to your property and perform a walk-through with you. I invite you to take photos and take notes in real time. This provides a lot of comfort to folks looking for validation or an objective opinion. Remember, I’m also a realtor. I may suggest simple upgrades to a tired kitchen or bathroom which could substantially increase the selling price. I understand hidden value, perceived value and what buyers truly demand in today’s competitive marketplace.

Package B: “Diving Into the Staging Process”

Let’s Sell This House!
Audit • Plan • Consult • Shop • Stage

$75/hr (Average Cost: $750-$3,000)

This is by far my most popular package request. In today’s busy world, I like to think that I allow clients to get back to their lives. Managing every last detail of a project can be painstaking work, especially when you have business demands, a family that needs you or other daily demands. I melt the stress and save you time and money. By using your pre-existing stuff and reimagining it in innovate and well-curated ways, I can create a welcoming environment that buyers want. This may include, but is not limited to the following tasks. This package gets to the heart of the “Three C’s”: Clutter, Color and Cleanliness!

  • Decluttering (including closets, cabinets, and pantry, four and mudroom)
  • Rearranging furniture and/or accessories
  • Lighting recommendations
  • Visual vignette creation
  • Color palette recommendations
  • Coordination, procurement and management of any/all recommended third-
    party companies (i.e. painters, residential, bonded cleaning service, carpet cleaners, “junk” removal etc.) I oversee all vendors to get the job/s done.
  • Paint/repaint
  • Finishing/remodeling (only if it makes financial sense)
  • Minor interior repairs or upgrades (down to the hinges and hardware)

Package C: “The Whole Enchilada”

Your Property Reimagined – Inside and Out
Audit • Plan • Consult • Shop • Stage • Procure • Manage Logistics

$75/hr (Costs TBD – Based on Tailored Needs, Roughly $1/SF)

Attractive to larger properties and multiple properties located in in-demand neighborhoods as well as Realtors and Developers, This Package also includes your own personal FICA score (First Impression Curb Appeal) and necessary vendor management. This package is different than Package B in that the external surroundings of a property are included in the initial consultation to provide optimum appeal to passers-by and the community.

  • Coordination, procurement and management of any/all recommended third-party companies (i.e. painters, residential, bonded cleaning service, carpet cleaners, “junk” removal landscaping services, etc. ) I oversee all vendors to get the job/s done.
  • Paint/repaint/wallpaper removal and/or instal
  • Finishing/remodeling (only if it makes financial sense)
  • Minor interior repairs or upgrades (down to the hinges and hardware)
  • Tile/wood work
  • Electrical work
  • “Smart home” plan and installation
  • Home security recommendations
  • Sustainability and green recommendations
  • Landscaping/fencing
  • Exterior remodeling or repair (includes cement, pool and drainage work)
  • Furniture rental coordination and management (if need be) * typically $200. – $400./mo depending on needs

Package D: “Congrats, Let’s Stage Your NEW Digs”

Strictly Design, Unpacking & Designing your Brand New Space
Initial Consultation: Waived if I stage your last home! My housewarming gift!

$75/hr (Complete costs TBD based on original consultation.)

Yes, you could hire an interior design team, but I personally provide the same service at a much more palatable price point. Why? It’s simple…I use your own furniture and decorative items and fill in with inexpensive luxe home accessories to add brightness and color, patterns and texture where appropriate. It’s like having a best friend pop over and make some “wow” suggestions. I like to keep it fun and imaginative – always being mindful of your specific budget for shopping and such.

Per-diem  Services / Offerings

“Mary Ann – Help Me Shop!”

No problem. To me, this is where pragmatic pangs meet visual expertise. I help you create a vision and then populate that ‘story’ with the right pillows, artwork,
and other home accessories that add freshness and a modern, sophisticated look to all of your space. (All receipts to be furnished to client who can then decide whether or not to return or keep!)


“Mary Ann, You’re Just My Skype!”

Yep, it’s exactly what you think. I don’t let distance come between me and my clients. While it may sound a bit far-fetched, it’s really not. Many online companies have cropped up during the last year or so offering remote services and as a small business owner, I like to think I’m staying ahead of business trends. Take me on a walk through your space and I’ll provide real-time recommendations. This option is similar to Package A, yet adjusted slightly to account for a virtual approach. Paypal and all major credit accepted. Need help setting up your free Skype account? No problem, just contact me.

$65 for a 1-hour Virtual Consultation

Special Rates

Are you a member of The National Association of REALTORS®?

Receive a special gift from me to you (first-time clients only). Branded MAF Lawn staging sign is required, as well as permission to utilize Before & After photography in marketing materials 🙂